Brand Story

Vectramind was set up in 2006 under the leadership of Dr. Murali Krishna. The brand has evolved to become one of the leading names in mobile and SMS-based solutions in the region. The name ‘Vectramind’ is made up of two main components – ‘Vector’ which is a mathematical quantity that has both magnitude and direction and ‘Mind’ which is human consciousness that originates in the brain and is manifested in thought, emotion, perception, memory and imagination. ‘Vectramind’ as the name suggests, is the state of mind that represents both magnitude and direction. It is this combination that has driven the brand forward to greater horizons.

The tagline ‘forever evolving’ is also close to the heart of the brand. It captures the essence of the attitude of the people behind this constantly developing and dynamic company that’s grown by leaps and bounds to carve a reputation of reliability and excellence in the market. To reinforce the constantly evolving theme, the new Vectramind logo uses primary colours, representing the simplicity of use of Vectramind products. The colours also represent passion, strength, positive energy, a constant flow of fresh ideas, trustworthiness and dignity. While the lower case text shows accessibility representing the excellent client relationships as the basis of Vectramind’s personality, the strokes of the icon depict evolution and constant growth.

In short, growth, dynamism and evolution are woven into the very core of the Vectramind brand DNA.