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SMS has revolutionized the ability to effectively and promptly disseminate information. With the convenience of SMS, the task of transmitting the most current details on any project or target becomes so much more accessible.

Bulk SMS turns this convenience into a true advantage – Send new promotions and amazing offers as they happen, update your target market by transmitting calendar event details directly to their mobile devices. Today more than 5 billion people own a mobile phone and are able to receive SMS. Businesses and organizations the world over have realized the huge potential of interacting with the clients, suppliers and employees using bulk SMS. Bulk SMS simply involves sending out large volumes of text messages at once.

Bulk messaging is most commonly used for:

Mobile marketing campaigns

Mobile marketing campaigns allow companies to effectively reach their customers, with low cost but with high interactivity and feedback. Furthermore, mobile marketing campaigns offer great opportunities either introducing a new brand or creating brand loyalty. Everyday mobile marketing campaigns is becoming more and more widespread.

Personalized SMS

It is an excellent way to address your customer individually. For example, when the message is delivered to the recipients’ handset, it will read as “Dear Peter…”. This adds a sense of being welcome to the customer as he addressed by his name and is not a part of general Bulk SMS routine.
VectraMind’s SYNAPSE-MSDP bulk SMS platform is a high-capacity and dependable solution to offer highly effective and business oriented SMS services. It provides the Operator and organizations with power and flexible tools for managing bulk SMS campaigns and control/charge bulk message traffic generated by corporate clients. List of target end-users of such services includes service- and content-providers, banks, advertisement agencies and companies that wants to engage with their customers directly.

Benefits of S-MSDP for Bulk SMS:

  • Managed Accounts

    Individual account per client with either a pre-paid or post-paid billing cycles.

  • High Capacity

    S-MSDP is a high capacity, highly stable system which can rocess 1000 of SMSs/sec.

  • Full-Featured UI

    Convenient and full featured WEB Graphical UI for Bulk Campaigns Management and Analytics.

  • Schedule & Organize

    Schedule your campaign to start at specific time with our SMS schedule feature. Select the customer list from multiple sources like TXT, Excel or our built in address book.

  • Bandwidth management

    Maximum total system throughput can be limited to protect Operator’s structure (SMSC) from overload.

S-MSDP Key Features

Robust delivery platform
Robust delivery platform, channels and services needed for successful, scalable and secure deployment.
Global reach Brings immediacy and relevance Enables you to expand


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