What is an SMS API?

An API stands for Application-programming interface (API) which is is a set of programming codes , standards and instructions for accessing a web-based application. An API enables and allows programs access to connect and essentially, communicate with other programs. Their APIs are their languages. SMS APIs are generally released to enable developers to power their services with the API.

An SMS API allows you to integrate bulk SMS messaging services with your website, third-party application or service, mobile app, CRM etc. An API for sending SMS messages is the easiest way to send automated bulk SMS messages directly from your own platform.

The end user only sees one interface, but behind the scenes, many APIs are working together and integrating with SMS solutions to provide a seamless experience.

The most popular API is the HTTP to SMS API.The EAPI (HTTP to SMS API) is a RESTful API that uses simple query parameters via URLs. If you can put together a Web page with a form, backed by a scripting language (e.g. PHP), you already have what you need to send SMSs.

Vectramind's sms api help you integrate enterprises with their own CRM and makes the process of sending bulk sms totally seamless. Vectramind provides HTTPS ,RESTful API and XMLAPIs for your to integrate with your systems. Our expertise involves providing technical solutions with API’s for integrating SMS solutions to existing applications. Our team has a comprehensive SMS API documentation that will help you build your own messaging app through our infrastructure. Our documentation include information on sending, receiving and scheduling text messages, email to SMS capabilities, distribution lists, custom fields, accounts and sub-accounts, statistics, encoding and more.

Advantages of Integrating SMS into Your CRM Automate Workflows. Text messages provide a convenient—and cost-effective—way to send appointment reminders, meeting updates, and other notifications to customers. You can also use them to notify your account representatives of new assignments and account updates, so they’re able to deliver the great customer service you expect.

Increase Customer satisfaction. By integrating SMS into your CRM, you’re able to automatically send transaction and fulfillment notifications to customers. It’s the one of most simplest and cost effective way to ensure you are one step ahead of your consumers and business.

Nurture Leads. Mobile marketing is more than optimizing emails for cell phones. By adding text marketing functionality to your CRM, you’re able increase open rates and target your customers more efficiently and reach out to the appropriate audiences while dramatically lowering your marketing and sales costs besides increasing to ROI( return on investment).

Increased Sales. Send price alerts, promotions, and retargeting messages to customers. Our SMS CRM integration lets you combine the benefits of real-time communications with a limited-time offer to increase urgency and conversions.

Reduce Operating Costs. Integrating SMS into your CRM workflows can reduce inbound calls to your call center, free sales personnel to focus on qualified leads, and reduce accounting and administrative costs. The price of success is a lot lower as compared to traditional marketing tactics besides the added benefits of personalization in almost real time by adding text messaging to your workflows.

With Vectramind’ s low latency and high deliverability, our SMS API is the most reliable way to reach out to your customers and consumers around the globe. With our sms api you can

1) Programmatically send and receive high volume of SMS anywhere in the world
2) Build apps that scale with the web technologies that you are already using
3) Send SMS with low latency and high delivery rates

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