Vectramind's mobile messaging platform enables you to Verify, Authenticate and Communicate over SMS, Push Notifications, Chat, Voice & Video with easy to integrate API's for every application.

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Our Platform

There has been a paradigm shift in the way consumers prefer information exchange with businesses. Conversational nature has taken over singular notification nature of messaging. Synapse mobile messaging platform if a result of these changing sensitivities between enterprises and consumers.

Modular Architecture

Synapse’s highly modular architecture offers ample flexibility and agility to upgrade & extend the platform’s inherent functionality to keep pace with organizational needs.


Create an enriching communications ecosystem for users by offering the entire spectrum of messaging channels – SMS, Push notifications, Voice.

Database compatibility

Synapse supports compatibility to major databases like MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2.

Middleware Compatibility

Synapse supports the industry standard middleware components allowing easy and seamless integration with enterprise applications across industry verticals.

Easy, in-depth administration

Effortless and hassle-free administration driven by smartly defining role based access to user’s assigned features, available actions and interfaces.

Security & Compliance

Our platform’s end-to-end secure communications is driven by highly robust and secure protocols adhering to latest industry standards.

Adaptive Routing

Synapse allows you to make an informed, intelligent and real time decision on determining the channel and route for messaging.


Study, query the statistics of messages being processed, across a range of different parameters.

Why Vectramind

Vectramind has over a decade of experience in the rapidly evolving mobile messaging landscape. We are uniquely positioned with our bespoke customer engagements and solutions tailored across industry verticals. We are trusted by organizations of all sizes - from global enterprises to smaller start-ups, to deliver their mission critical messages around the world.

Vectramind has helped enterprises realize the true potential of their mobile messaging strategy.

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Vectramind caters to an eclectic mix of organizations, varying from some of the world’s largest enterprises to ambitious start ups.



Messages per year

With yearly messaging volumes exceeding
2 billion , organizations find immense value in Vectramind’s solutions to drive their messaging strategy.




Vectramind is just a call or email away. Our tiered support system from L1 to L4 spread across our 3 major offices, is also well equipped to attend time sensitive escalated issues.